explore your energy and consciousness

What is this program

This program is a one year training with the Enlightened Masters and your Divine Presence for your soul’s mastery of your everyday life. It is a journey of grounding your Divine Presence into your body through your 12 primary chakras and developing self mastery through learning to direct your energy and consciousness in oneness with your Divine Presence. read more »

ignite your self mastery

Who is this program for

This one year program is a training for igniting your Self Mastery in your everyday life and it is guided by Sri’ama Qala with the overlighting Presences of many Enlightened Masters. Every student works deeply with one Enlightened Master for the grounding of their Presence into their everyday lives. read more »

every word and sound carries a divine frequency

Program benefits

This journey will enlighten your self identity and ignite the deepest level of soul-mind connection. The coursework will facilitate the transformation of any old, non-resonant self identities that may be the cause of all of the limitations we experience in our energy and consciousness. read more »