a shift in consciousness and energy

A unique paradigm shift

The paradigm shift you are asked to take during the Self Mastery Program is based on stepping out of our old, inherited methods of operating in a 4th dimensional way, and stepping into heart-mind energetic balance which opens our consciousness and energy to exist in the fifth dimension.

The fifth dimension is the first connection a soul makes to release themselves from duality.  It is known as the place of power that our souls need to contact so our heart chakras can fully open and expand so we can integrate and heal our soul’s oldest Earth karma.

The old modes of operation that you are asked to gently release from your life, involve any aspects of self-criticism, over analysis, judgement or denial of your divinity or divine energy.

As our heart and mind are balanced through chakra activation, illumination and energisation, a connection with our Divine Presence is made and a new pathway for our energy and consciousness is activated, known as self mastery. As this occurs self realisation sourced from the wisdom of our soul and our higher selves is then able to be accessed by our mind and soul for the benefit of our life and all we are creating.

This paradigm shift is a shift in consciousness and energy, yet it is also a shift in the way one operates in the world. It is based on the development of the heart connection and the union of the energy between the heart and mind so they work in cooperation and in a state of balance with one another.