every word and sound carries a divine frequency

Program benefits

This journey will enlighten your self identity and ignite the deepest level of soul-mind connection. The coursework will facilitate the transformation of any old, non-resonant self identities that may be the cause of all of the limitations we experience in our energy and consciousness.

The Self Mastery Program is an “encoded program” where every word within the written materials and every sound within the audio files is transmissional and carries a divine frequency into your energy body and chakras for the specific purpose of supporting your soul’s energetic and consciousness shift into the fifth dimension. It will activate a new level of consciousness and energy, and over each month, activates your vibration to raise more deeply.

This program has been created by Sri’ama Qala and primarily, through the support of many Archangels for all of humanity who seek a much deeper level of peace, harmony and fulfilment in their everyday lives, and seek to balance their personal path of transformation with their soul’s true empowerment.

It is particularly for those who seek to completely integrate their heart and mind connection so that through their personal daily lives, they can reflect their spiritual nature as a divine being when they interact with their family members, their community and all within their greater society on an everyday level.

This program is for all souls that seek the birthing of their Divine Self and a profound spiritual connection in their daily lives.