explore your energy and consciousness

What is this program

This program is a one year training with the Enlightened Masters and your Divine Presence for your soul’s mastery of your everyday life. It is a journey of grounding your Divine Presence into your body through your 12 primary chakras and developing self mastery through learning to direct your energy and consciousness in oneness with your Divine Presence.

The Self Mastery Program offers you a journey in which each one month period is dedicated to a specific new level of self mastery and the grounding of more of your divine energy and consciousness within a particular chakra of your energy body.

You will be offered daily support directly from The Enlightened Masters, Archangels and Angels during the year as you embrace divine truths that specifically balance, illuminate and ignite your divine consciousness to flow into your everyday life.

This program asks you to let go of the perception that we have patterns to heal, issues to solve by gently guiding you to master the energy and consciousness that may lie beneath these perceptions. It asks of you to focus on your wholeness, divinity, empowerment, love and light, also known as your Divine Presence, as you explore your energy and consciousness with a new level of self mastery and ground your ability to be truly present in open heart with all that is occurring in your life.

Your mind will be assisted to accept your divinity on many levels of your being.