ignite your self mastery

Who is this program for

This one year program is a training for igniting your Self Mastery in your everyday life and it is guided by Sri’ama Qala with the overlighting Presences of many Enlightened Masters. Every student works deeply with one Enlightened Master for the grounding of their Presence into their everyday lives.

This one year journey takes place through the practice of learning to work deeply within every aspect of your daily life with your Divine Presence to create full mastery of all in your reality. All who are attracted to this program may be guided by their Divine Presence to enrol in the program for the purpose of mastering their life experience but also for one of the following 3 reasons.

1. Perhaps you may have done little or no spiritual work but are very interested in developing yourself rapidly and are willing to begin to take full responsibility for your energy and consciousness and receive love so you may be able to see clearly what it is you need to focus on.

You may wish to be guided to easily re-pattern your present perceptions, energetics and consciousness and be given the keys to self mastery so you can fully implement these in your life to bring the clearing, re-patterning of your energy, reshaping of your old identity and healing to your soul so you may feel safe to open to your Divine Presence, fully.

If you wish to develop in this way, you may be happy to spend a few hours every week with self development in a profound way, grounding your Soul’s Presence and working on the program month by month to move through the 12 steps or stages of development, specifically designed for self mastery in everyday life.

2. Perhaps you are deeply interested in training with the Enlightened Masters and you may have enjoyed The EASE Program or other programs, or heard of them or of the shifts others have made in their lives from them, or you are simply guided to the program from your inner knowing or feeling.

This program is for you if presently, you would like something you can delve into deeply that is more personal to your soul rather than transpersonal, and more interactive and that asks for your intelligent input as a co-creator. It is for you if you would like an amazing structure for your inner work, and to reflect deeply on your life and reorientate and profoundly investigate yourself with the deep love and support of your Presence.

If you are also interested in preparing for next Self Mastery School, which is a deeper level of work that takes place and requires a deeper level of commitment from all students, then this is the program for you. Or perhaps beloved, you would like to go deeply into self discovery but be well guided so you can do your inner work clearly and produce a powerful outcome for yourself via a one year structured training.

3. Perhaps you have done quite a lot or even an immense amount of spiritual work and you have a higher dimensional connection, yet still things do not ground well, flow fully, stabilise or complete in a divine way in your earthly everyday life even though your gifts may have begun to open or are fully opened.

You may be aware that you have a huge heart and at times can feel it as big as it is but it is not grounding so others can always feel it and you still have difficulty on some level with others and issues in your everyday life that have not been mastered, beloved. You may want to ground all of your spiritual work and ground your open heart and stop swinging between the higher and lower dimensions and fully stabilise your connection and pillar.

You may truly wish to ground all of your gifts into the physical plane and through this, manifest the beautiful potential you see and know as your highest potential but you still either hold fear and hold yourself back, or you feel there is a missing link within you and feel it may take quite some time or longer than you wish, to discover and restore.

If you feel this way or know this is true, this program has been created to provide that missing link for initiates of the path of Presence to establish the connection between the higher dimensions within you and your experience in the physical plane, for the grounding of your Divine Presence, clearly.