Sri’ama Qala

Sri'Ama QalaA message from Sri’ama Qala

The universal truth that streams forth to be shared through the Self Mastery Program is sourced from the enlightened planes of consciousness. It is shared clearly, in a truly practical and grounded way so all souls who join this program may deeply receive all they need to master their everyday life experience as they raise their consciousness and the vibrational rate of their energy body. This is the Self Mastery Program’s true gift to humanity. It is a doorway for all who wish to make the fifth dimensional shift into the open heart and present moment, powerfully.
All My Love Sri’ama Qala

Sri’ama Qala is an international presenter, spiritual teacher and author, and a loving bridge for the illumination of the Divine Presence of your soul. Her divine access to the Enlightened Realms grants her extraordinary gifts to assist people to illuminate their lives with ease, grace and self mastery. Sri’ama’s one year programs, live events and retreats carry the illuminating energy, divine activations and profound wisdom that create a soul’s illumination and transformation towards enlightenment, and are specifically designed to “Illuminate the Divine You”.