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The Great Shift 12.12.2012 to 21.12.2012

The Great Shift 12.12.2012 to 21.12.2012

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The Great Shift is not a single moment in time, but an eternal doorway that invites you to connect to the eternal holy energy in the base of your heart. Every time you connect to the core of your heart, you are experiencing the Great Shift with Gaia and all beings. 12-12-12 to 21-12-12 is an auspicious time as Gaia's heart and core is reaching a crescendo in light vibration during this period and shifting to a higher octave for the awakening of the light within all on earth. So many people around the world have been guided by the light within to prepare for this special time on Earth, as this is the time we may all receive the higher frequency of light directly from Gaia for our great shift into our Hearts.

In this auspicious time, Dec 2012-13, let us celebrate together, linking our hearts as one, through the loving higher awareness that as one of the Mayan Calendar cycles complete, a New Timing is beginning for all on Earth. Through this new timing, many more will also have the opportunity to remember, experience and accept the light within their hearts.

This beautiful sound and light journey is a gift to your heart and soul from those that wish to honour the divinity and source connection of their fellow humanity, the Earth Mother and all beings. May it bless you and all you share it with to receive divine energy from God Source directly. May it activate the Source connection within your chakras so you may synchronise with Mother Gaia through her Great Shift and be raised by her core energy, to journey into your heart and share the love and beauty of your Divine Presence with all.

Blessed Be! Blessed Be all Beings!
With my love, Sri'ama Qala

Sri'ama Qala's 2012-2013 Message to the World

  • The Great Shift Part 1
    Through this 11 min audio transmission, Sri'ama Qala shares her understanding of this auspicious time on Earth - the Great Shift.
  • The Great Shift Part 2
    Through this beautiful 15 min audio transmission, the Enlightened Masters offer you a divine activation of the light within your heart for your life path ahead.
Message to the World – The Great Shift Part 1
Message to the World – The Great Shift Part 2
The Great Shift Part 1 & 2 - Transcript

Your Next Step,
Your Quantum Shift

Blessings and Welcome to Sri’ama Qala’s web presence. This is a portal designed to empower the energy connection between your heart, soul and Divine Presence.

Sri’ama Qala is a new world teacher, sage and author, founder of the Divine University Project and Celestial Project, and bridge for your illumination and direct contact with your Divine Presence.

Over the last 14 years, Qala has received over 4000 visitations from the Enlightened Masters personally, empowering her to co-create an extraordinary new form of education, based on the receiving of love, divine wisdom and frequency, for humanity’s shift into a higher state of consciousness.

Qala attracts groups and individuals worldwide, guiding them to open their divine connection to Source, become representatives for their families, communities and for all of humanity, as they receive frequency alignments and co-create consciousness and energy shifts for the benefit of their lives and the world.

Her work is based on the profound assistance, wisdom and divine truth, unknown to many, that the Enlightened Masters are able to offer humanity personally for their awakening, freedom from karma, and path of enlightenment. Her direct access to the Enlightened realms and their visitations, encodes and embeds the enlightenment frequencies into all of her recordings, writings and creations so the work may also be received as powerfully via long distance.

Qala’s self-development programs, retreats, schools, live events, sacred site tours and products are all skillfully designed to advance consciousness, raise the vibration of your energybody, transform genetic, karmic and environmental limitations, empower the heart and Illuminate The Divine You for your quantum shift into the Fifth dimension.

Her teachings carry frequency transmissions that fill your chakras and energyfield powerfully as you receive the essential new education that illuminates your life with grace, ease and divine purpose, supporting you to embrace your unique special puzzle piece in the creation of peace on Earth.

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