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What's so special about the Ocean of Love EFS Series:

LESSON 1 - Symbiosis with your Loving Presence
Surrender to experience Peace
Symbiosis is Unity, Oneness, Mergence
LESSON 2 - Comfort in Feeling Surrender to Rejuvenate
LESSON 3 - Flow, Deeper Love and Security - Emotional flow of your energy
Surrender to Flourish
LESSON 4 - Freeing your Receptivity - Acceptance & Receptivity
Surrender to Trust
LESSON 5 - Attracting Unconditional Love
Surrender to experience a New Depth of Love
LESSON 6 - Deeper Self Love Surrender to experience your Divine Energy

EFS Ocean of Love

Shift your energy into your higher vibrational feeling state

6 Power Coaching Webinars

Videos, audios, pdfs, and transcripts

Deeply Transformative Process

"Qala’s Ocean of Love Coaching has been a deeply transformative process for me. The gentle, loving guidance of Qala’s talks, alongside the meditations, as well as everyday tips, all offered a beautiful step by step pathway to healing for painful feelings and parts that have been a struggle for me. So much gratitude for the generosity of the gift of the Ocean of Love, offered with such deep care. Thank you with all my happy heart."


Experience a Quantum Shift - Illuminate your Soul

The 'Quantum Shift Experience' can change the way you feel & bring renewal to your life. Experience greater balance, well being & higher energy to bring greater joy into your life.

Change your Life by Receiving Divine Energy

Begin your day in a higher way to make it the very best day. This amazing program has 9 levels, each one more powerful than the next. Each level can be received over one month or longer if you wish. You will be imbued with love, and your body, mind, soul and spirit will be fed with the divine energy medicines, frequencies, rays of light to create you to feel lighter and lighter each day.  Imagine what your energy can be like in just a few weeks or months through the Quantum Shift Experience.

Life is better with Quantum Energy

Register for your free Sirius Library membership, and receive 7 sessions of a free introduction to the Quantum Shift Experience

Life is better with Quantum Energy

"I enjoyed this self paced course, it was easy to fit around my schedule and I could feel the energy shifts in my body each time I did a session. I am looking forward to Quantum Shift Level 2."


Experience the 7 Levels of Divine Connection:

PEACE through Your Light Connection
LOVE through Your Heart Connection
TRUTH through Your Higher Self Connection
WELLBEING through Your Higher Earth Connection
SELF MASTERY Your Direct Contact with God/Source
ONENESS through Your Divine Presence Connection
DIVINITY through Your Family of Light Connection

Open your divine connection

MASTER MEDITATION creates contact with the Master Within your own Being, known as your Divine Presence. Mother Earth needs more people to meet their Divine Presence, to assist the raising of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity to become Clear Caretakers of our Earth. This is a great shortcut system which Qala Sri'ama highly recommends to all on the Spiritual Path.

Instead of allowing the stress or anxieties of life issues to control your reality, learn to dissolve them gently through Master Meditation via learning to truly let go and experience your divine connection to all of life through your heart.

3 month training program

A Must Do Course

"I do feel that Master Meditation offers the missing link ... For those who are not sure if they would benefit, I queried myself as to why I needed to study Master Meditation after already having done so many other wonderful courses, but I am now so glad that I am heart connected and divinely guided enough to let go of mind/ego thoughts and chose to do this course. In my experience, this is a must do course, not just a ‘good to do’ course. I am so grateful to Qala for grounding this work."

Vicky Jazlia

Magically Shift Your State of Awareness

Learn to understand energy and how you can almost magically shift your state of awareness, raise your consciousness and your light vibration through understanding the Energy Science of your Universal Connection. Open your Universal Connection & receive a dynamic radical positive shift in perspective!

Open your universal connection and experience a positive radical shift in perspective

Illuminate yourself with divine energy, free your energy and raise your consciousness

8 Day Training Program

Thrilling and Profound Journey of Discovery

"Receiving the teachings of the Energy Science of Your Universal Connection was a thrilling and profound journey of discovery, learning and expansion for me. Qala Sri'ama is a brilliant, masterful teacher - generous, loving, nurturing and crystal clear. She models integrity and alignment consistently, while holding a remarkable space of choice and freedom. I still experienced the unfoldment and blessings for many months after receiving the program."

Peggy Jackson

SuperConsciousness Connection
and Win-Win Thinking
and see the difference it makes in your life

Discover how to access your SuperConsciousness for the Win-Win in your life and others.

SELF MASTERY is the art of making clear contact with your Higher Self and directing your life via your Heart Center with your Higher Self's supercharged higher awareness.

Ensuring you are living in a positive energy field with a positive attitude and with positive intentions, is the formula for success that will always create a positive future for yourself and others around you.

A Shift into Super Consciousness is possible for every one on the spiritual path, requiring 6 - 12 months of your loving focus.

Amazing Win-Win Experiences

"My life and being has changed 360 degrees as a result of this amazingly comprehensive, super effective and super useful training. It has provided me with an incredibly powerful positive, happy & informative experience to plug into every day. I look forward to my meditations every morning. This program has really helped clear my energy and assist me to cope with all the craziness going on in the world. I now feel a lightness of being, a positivity throughout the day. My life is now manifesting amazing Win-Win experiences in my interactions with others."


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